About Us

Our mission is straightforward

To be the state's recognized authority on training, promoting, and competing with Big Air Dogs.

In doing so, we'll provide high economic value to our sponsor partners and great fun for our competitors and audiences by staging and promoting the most popular dog competition events in the country."
We have several fun club events planned this summer. Feel free to visit our Events page to find one near you. If you have a dog that likes to jump off the dock, bring him/her to one of our events and give Dock Dogging a try. You are likely to have a great time and discover a new sport that you and your dog can share for years to come. And if you don't have a dog, that's okay too! Watching the dogs in action is just as fun! We hope to meet you soon!  

Please visit our Facebook page for the most up to date information and to ask questions!

DockDogs Disciplines

DockDog events feature three areas of competition that test your dog's horizontals and vertical jumping ability as well as his speed in the water. You can choose to compete in any or all of the events.

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