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2015 DockDogs Northern Stars Voucher Program

We need your help to make our events successful. There are many opportunities available for you
to help at an event. For each event, a general volunteer list is created and people can sign up for
one job or as many jobs as you would like. The more you work the more money you save on Wave
fees and merchandise.

At an event, there is a sign up sheet at the Registration desk that you can inquire if your help is
needed. Additionally, if you know that you will be coming to an event, please contact Becky Brown
or Cheri McClaine with what you would like to volunteer for.

As a member of DDNS you will have the opportunity to receive discounted wave fees through our
voucher program. Helping/working at any of our DDNS events by assisting with various jobs you can
earn "DDNS bucks": wrangling, setup, tear down, announcers, wranglers, timers/averagers, etc. DDNS
bucks can be used up to the $10.00 DockDogs fee.

Here is how the program works:

There are number of jobs that we need help with during the course of a weekend event from set-up
to tear down.

l Set-up - approximately 4-6 hours
l Tear down - approximately 2-4 hours
l Announcer
l Wrangler
l Timers/Averagers

1 hour = 1 voucher
1 hour = 1 voucher
1 voucher/wave, must work entire wave
1 voucher/wave, must work entire wave
1 voucher/wave, must work entire wave

Each Voucher is worth $5.00

Vouchers can be used for Wave Fees or merchandise and will have an expiration date of one year
from the date of issue.

Job Descriptions:

Help DockDogs personnel and/or DDNS Club Officers set up event. This includes whether there is a
pool and dock or just a dock. Assist with the set up of the tents, Judges table and Registration booth
set-up including electrical hook-ups and banner placements.

Help DD personnel and/or DDNS Club Officers break down dock, drain pool if applicable, pull apart
pool supports and help fold pool. In case of no pool, help take apart dock.

This is the "Person in Charge" of the Dock during the competition and if needed during any practice
time and makes sure handlers and dogs are safe and following the rules. Has the list (running order)
from Administrator and during the waves makes sure that competitors are in line working with
Announcer to keep the flow of the "Show" moving along. This person may assist handlers and/or dogs
if they are having problems getting out of the pool, putting dog on lead or coming down the stairs.

This position is responsible for the commentary during the event waves. They announce the handler/dog
teams and work with the Event judges to provide the scores after each jump. The individual performing
this job must be knowledgeable of the DockDogs rules and should be up to date on key DockDogs information
such as World Records and trivia. The Announcer can be a resource to providing spectators useful and
interesting information regarding the sport and the handler/dog teams.

This person(s) assists the Event Judges by timing any Speed Retrieve waves and averaging the two
Event Judges scores for all Big Air and Speed Retrieve waves.

This person can sit at the Registration table to assist competitors filling out registration forms,
answering general questions regarding titles, Club Information and how the event runs.

We appreciate any and all help from our members.

We are looking forward to seeing you at an upcoming event and to a successful and exciting 2013 season.

Have A question?
Please e-mail Becky Brown at or
Cheri McClaine at

Click Here to print a copy of the Voucher program

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