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The Training Dock

Dock Jumping, along with other Dog performance sports, are growing and the demand for
training and education are growing right along with them. In fact, in order for these sports
to continue to grow, training and education must exist as the basis. DockDogs Northern Stars
is dedicated to improving performance through education and by providing the best training
while promoting sportsmanship. DockDogs Northern Stars will strive to build strong
relationships with training facilities that meet these training and education demands. These
facilities will be dog friendly where people can come with their dogs to relax, train, and
enjoy time away from home where dogs are the number one priority.

When it comes to training our dogs for the different disciples of DockDogs, there is no one
more qualified than Tom Dropik. He invented the DockDogs sport of Extreme Vertical and Tom
and his dog Remi are currently the world record holder in Speed Retrieve. It just so happens
that Tom is a long time member of our club and he is always happy to provide tips and advice
to new comers and veterans. We invite you to visit his website at where
you will find a wealth of information.

Here are a number of great articles written by Tom that you are welcome to read!

Getting Started
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Getting the Most Out of Speed Retrieve
Back to the Basics
Become a Conditioning Coach
Understanding Physical Conditioning
Periodization for the Pup Part 1
Big Air Obedience
Dock Jumping 101
With Height Comes Distance
Prep for Game Day
Understanding and Working "The Chase"
A Toy Motivated Sport
Motivate the Distance
Motivate the Height
Nutrition and the Performance Dog
Hunt, Field and Retriever vs. Dock Jumping Training
Dock Work

Proper training assures the dog will be the best jumper the dog can be. Whether the goal is to
entertain friends or win Gold at the World Championships, proper training will assure the dog
achieves that goal.

Have a question for Tom? You can e-mail Tom at

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