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Meet Our Members

Jumpin' is the Pits
Team Harley Barley
Team Rollin' Thunder
Lynne Zinnel With Klink & Bell

Personal Best
Big Air: 18' 5"
Speed Retrieve: 7.728

Favorite Thing About DDNS
The people.....we are one of the
few teams who actually aren't from the
state of Minnesota (we live in South-
eastern Iowa), but the club has
welcomed us and its like seeing family
every time we are around the rest of
the group.

Special Accomplishment
Klink qualified for the 2013 World
Championships at his third ever
competition. Klink placed 6th in Express
Speed Retrieve at the 2016 Dockdogs
World Championships. He also qualified
to compete in the Veteran Dog

Beth & Brianna With Harley

Personal Best
Big Air 21' 4"
Speed Retrieve: 6.991 Seconds
Extreme Vertical: 6' 6'

Favorite Thing About DDNS
How close everyone is to each other!


Michelle Edwards & Rita Jesse

Personal Best

Big Air: 23' 4"
Extreme Vertical: 5' 8"
Speed Retrieve: 10.0 Seconds
Iron Dog: Warrior - 2,585

Favorite Thing About DDNS

Special Accomplishment
Invite to World's in 1st year


Team Lizzie
Who Saved Who

Photo Coming Soon!

Julie Vergin & Lizzie

Personal Best

Big Air: 22' 9"
Speed Retrieve: 6.900 Seconds
Extreme Vertical: 5' 10"

Favorite Thing About DDNS:
Handlers support and encourage
one another.



Mary Conroy - Lola & Marco

Personal Best
Big Air:

Favorite Thing About DDNS:
Friendly atmosphere, willingness
to help each other

Special Accomplishment:
Was proud that Lola finally
earned her club Sr BA title
even though we can't make
it to many events

Linda Weaver & Austin

Personal Best
Big Air: 22' 11"
Speed Retrieve: 6.423 Seconds
Extreme Vertical:7' 4"

Favorite Thing About DDNS:
Everyone is super friendly
and helpful.

Special Accomplishments:
Placed 5th in Turbo SR
at Worlds 2014 received
Worlds invite High Flyer 2014
Austin went from a cage at
the shelter to placing at
Worlds in just over 1 year.

Team Ruckus
Team Rott'n Dog
Team Fire

Bryan Justice
Sherry Olson - Justice
With Shaylee &
Captain Malcolm Reynolds

Personal Best - Malcolm
Big Air: 14' 8"
Speed Retrieve: 11.069

Personal Best - Shaylee
Big Air: 24'
Speed Retrieve: 7.427 Seconds
Extreme Vertical: 4' 10"
Iron Dog" 2797.80

Favorite Thing About DDNS
Hanging out with some
great dogs and fun people.

Special Accomplishments
Malcolm is a Pit Bull mix
that we rescued from
North Carolina. It took us
5 events to get him to
jump off of the dock, but
now he loves to be on the
dock to show off his
special skills.

Danielle Hansen
Diva, Rush, & Chief

Personal Best - Diva

Big Air: 22' 11"
Speed Retrieve: 7.007
Extreme Vertical: 6' 2"
Iron Dog: 2905.42

Personal Best - Rush
Big Air - 11' 1"

Personal Best - Chief
Big Air: 13'

Favorite Thing About DDNS?
I love that everyone within DDNS is
like a family. You couldn't ask for a
more supportive club to join!

Special Accomplishments
Diva is the 2014 Iron Dog
Warrior World Champion!

In 2014 Diva and I were the Most
Improved Team voted on by members
of DockDogs World Wide.

In 2014 Diva earned world invites
in Extreme Vertical Cadet, Senior
Big Air, and Iron Dog Warrior.

In 2014 I was our clubs
Most Exciting Cheerleader! :)

2013 Diva & I were the
Rookie Dog/Handler team of
the year within DDNS.

Diva and I also were the Most
Improved Dog/Handler team of
2013 within DDNS.

Wayne, Cheri & Miranda McClaine

Fire - 10 yo Black Lab
Splash - 4 yo Lab/Pit Mix
Lily - 2.5 yo Lab/Malinois Mix

Personal Best - Fire
Big Air: 21'4"
Speed Retrieve: 7.38 Seconds
Extreme Vertical: 6' 1"

Personal Best - Splash
Big Air: 28'5"
Speed Retrieve: 7.162 Seconds
Extreme Vertical: 6' 10"
Iron Dog: 3001.34

Personal Best - Splash
Big Air: 26'
Speed Retrieve: 6.89 Seconds
Extreme Vertical: 6' 6"
Iron Dog: 2988.41

Favorite Thing About DDNS
This Club has been open-arms helpful
from the beginning. The is our

Special Accomplishments
Splash is 2012 Elite BA World Champion
and 2013 Cadet EV World Champion.

Miranda & Splash are 2x Youth
World Champions.

Splash currently holds the MN State
Record of 28'5" in BA.

Fire has been invited to the last 4
World Championships for multiple
Disciplines and was a 2012 Cadet
EV Finalist.

Lily was invited to Worlds her very
first year of competition

Team Odd Blue Dogs
Team Boomer
Josie Moen With Roo

Personal Best

Big Air: 22'

Favorite Thing About DDNS
Fun sport, fun people and fun dogs
to watch. So FUN!
April Edberg
With Dixie Reign

Personal Best

Big Air: 20' 4"

Favorite Thing About DDNS
The companionship fostered between
my dog & myself. DockDogs provides
her the exercise she craves while
enhancing our bond. I love it!

Marsha, Brian, & Adam
Featuring Boomer

Personal Best
Big Air: 19' 11"

Favorite Thing About DDNS
Friendly people who love their dogs

Special Accomplishments
"Boomer's first 8 events he timed out
just barking at his wubba. He finally
jumped on his 9th event! It was in
Hastings in 2009".

"Boomer was the recipient of the 2009
People's Choice Awards for Most Improved
Dog by Dockdogs national members"

Team Banzai
Team 2 The Point
Team Redheads

Photo Coming Soon!
Ann Bergeron & Banzai

Personal Best

Big Air: 15'4"
Speed Retrieve: 12 seconds

Favorite Thing About DDNS
Our dogs bring us together, but the
people are what is most special
about DDNS! Everyone here is
committed to helping you and
your dog, so don't hesitate to
join in on the fun.

Special Accomplishments
Invitation to World Championships
in 2012 and 2013 in the Lap Dog division.
DDNS Most Entertaining Team 2014

Craig and Yvonne Kempenich
Starring Rico and Odie

Personal Best
Big Air
Rico: 22'
Odie: 21'4"

Favorite Thing About DDNS
The people

Special Accomplishments
Learning the sport and doing better
every time we go up to jump.

Kailey Smith & Luke Wiechmann
Featuring Bo and Zoey

Personal Best
Big Air
Zoe: 17'1"
Bo: 15'

Favorite Thing About DDNS
Its a family like atmosphere. Very helpful
and welcoming

Team Stihl
Team Catahoula Cur
Team Shadow

Photo Coming Soon
Tom Dropik
Starring Rocky Jr (RJ) &
Remington (Remi)
Annie Strobel & Zoe
Bob Sorenson & Shadow

Personal Best - Remi

Big Air: 24'10"
Speed Retrieve: 4.442
Extreme Vertical: 7'8"
Iron Dog: 3091.81

Personal Best - RJ
Big Air: 24'9"
Speed Retrieve: 5.979
Extreme Vertical: 7'6"
Iron Dog: 3026.33

Favorite Thing about DDNS
DDNS is the Very First affiliated club of
Dockdogs World Wide. I am proud that
I was the very first president of the club
and even prouder that the club has
grown in the get Great group that it is
today. I love the camaraderie, the
willingness to help others, and the
support and growth
of the youth program.

Special Accomplishments
Remi - 4 Time Sonic Speed Retrieve
World Champion (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)

Remi - 5 Time #1 Ranked World Wide Sonic
Speed Retrieve (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014,
2015), all 5 years with an average time
Under 5 seconds

Remi - Current World Record Holder Speed
Retrieve (4.442)

Remi - 2013 Iron Dog Best of the
Best Champion

Remi is a rescue dog that started
competing in Dockdogs in 2010. He has
been ranked in the Top 5 in the World
in Iron Dog (Titan and then Spartan when
that division what introduced)

RJ- 2012 Dockdogs World Wide Rookie
of the Year.

RJ - 3 time Dockdogs World Championships
competitor - Titan Iron Dog and High Flyer
Extreme Vertical

Personal Best

Big Air: 19'01"
Extreme Vertical: 6'4"
Speed Retrieve: 7.970 seconds
Iron Dog: 2781.73 points

Big Air: 22'07'
Extreme Vertical: 6'
Speed Retrieve: 7.388 seconds
Iron Dog: 2853.30 points

Favorite thing about DDNS
It's a family atmosphere. We all
love spending time together both on
and off the dock. I also love the
bonding time I share with Zoe!

Special Accomplishments
2010 Dockdogs Most Improved
Dog of the Year Nominee

2014 World Championship Invitee -
Extreme Vertical Cadet (8th place)

2015 North Central Regionals
Extreme Vertical Cadet Champion -
World Invitee

Personal Best
Big Air: 24'1"
Speed Retrieve: 5.5 seconds
Extreme Vertical: 7'8"

Favorite Thing about DDNS
One big happy family

Special Accomplishments

- 2011 3rd place Extreme Vertical
- 2012 2nd place Extreme Vertical
- 2012 Rated #2 in the World Extreme
Vertical and grabbed 7.8 3 times that
year making him the highest flying
pure breed lab in the history of the sport

Thrillseeker Performance Dogs
Team Twin Lakes

Photo Coming Soon

Photo Coming Soon

Missi Roland
Starring Glitch, Rockin' Ry Repo
Syphon (aka "The Punk"),
Tripp & Ian
Tom Matuska & Sadie
Liz Hendrickx & Carson 2.0

Personal Best

Big Air:

Glitch 7' 10"
Syphon 10' 2"

Favorite Thing about DDNS
Dogs Love it... low pressure....

Personal Best

Big Air: 19'10"


Personal Best

National Big Air: 18'4'
Club Big Air: 15'11"

Favorite Thing about DDNS
Dog loves it! Low pressure. The
companionship fostered between my
dog & myself. Fun sport, fun people
and fun dogs to watch. So FUN!
It's like family.

Remi and Tyler
Team Mya Mania

Photo Coming Soon


Photo Coming Soon!
Tyler Mattson & Marissa Mattson
Starring Remi
Chuck Rogers & Mya
Bob Mallory
& Sir Jackson, Savanna Jane, Minnesota Aspen,
Jack Thunder, Brutus Uno, Cousin Jack,
Sadie Jane, and currently Billy Jack
………not done yet!

Personal Best

Big Air: 20'10"

Favorite Thing about DDNS
The dogs and the people. It is a lot of
fun and a great environment.

Special Accomplishments
I just started jumping Remi, on a whim,
late 2014. She has only competed in 3
events. I'm pretty proud that she has
already broke 20'.

Personal Best - Club Events

Big Air - 20' 10"
Speed Retrieve - 8.034 Seconds
Extreme Vertical - 5' 2"

National Personal Bests
Big Air - 19' 8"
Speed Retrieve - 7.878 Seconds
Extreme Vertical - 5' 0"

Favorite thing about DDNS is that
the people involve are great to be
around. They treat you and your
dogs like family and are always
willing to help out new comers!

Special Accomplishments
Some people would say it's a special
accomplishment for someone to fall
into the pool twice in a season (at
two separate events). Otherwise
anytime that Mya does a good
Sit / Stay is a special accomplish-
ment! ;) Aside from the fact that she
went from being scared of jumping
into the pool to jumping over 20' by
the end of the
2015 season.


Personal Best

Big Air: Sir Jackson - 26.6
Speed Retrieve: Savanna Jane - 5.3
Extreme Vertical: 7.4 Savannah Jane
ID: Savanna Jane: 3000+

Favorite thing about DDNS
The people!

Special Accomplishments
Sir jackson and Savanna Janes world
wide success …

DDNS Hall of Fame/Tucker awards
DD nationals & worlds
DD and state records

Team Riley A.K.A Mr. Wigglebutt
Katie's Krew
Team Em & Rem

Photo Coming Soon
Lisa Harwell & Riley
Brody Weber & Katie
Emily Bruss & Remington

Personal Best
Big Air: 20.6"
Speed Retrieve: 7.004
Extreme Vertical: 7'

Favorite Thing about DDNS
Meeting new people. Being part of a
great club and friendships I have made.
Spending time with my dog and just
having fun win or lose.

Special Accomplishments
Seeing Riley go farther and how he
keeps on amazing me every time we
are on the dock.


Personal Best
Big jumps to report coming soon!

Favorite Thing about DDNS
The atmosphere and excitement of
the events, as well as being able to
hang out with a lot of fellow dog lovers.

Personal Best
Big Air: 12'6"
Speed Retrieve: 9.716

Favorite Thing about DDNS
I love hanging out with people who love dogs
just as much as I do. A hobby for me, a hobby
for my dog.

Special Accomplishments
Getting Remi off the dock was definitely an
accomplishment for our first year... we are
looking forward to starting Speed Retrieve
this year.

Team Dr. Chocolate
Team Wags
The Jumpaholics
Mark Schefers & Ben
Lola , Cecilia , and Terisa Wagner
Starring Baxter & Beamer
Brianna Samuelson & Mocha

Personal Best
Big Air: 21.11'
Speed Retrieve: 6.825
Extreme Vertical: 6' 2"

Favorite Thing about DDNS
Seeing Ben and the other teams improve
and reach new personal bests; how much
fun the dogs have; and of course, the
"DockDogs hangover."

Special Accomplishments
Our biggest accomplishment of 2015 was
being invited to and competing in the
DockDogs World Championships for
Extreme Vertical - Cadet.

Personal Best
Coming soon!

Favorite Thing about DDNS
The people are like family

Personal Best
Big Air: 15'
Speed Retrieve: 11.611

Favorite Thing about DDNS
How close we all are and how if anybody
needs help with anything we will be there
for them to the best of our ability.


Team Chaos
Team Pink
Team Savage



Photo Coming Soon!

Brent, Amanda, Austin
Starring Remi & Axle

Amy Torke & Nyx
Sue Savage & Bridget

Personal Best - Remi
Big Air: 25'
Speed Retrieve: 6.8675309
Extreme Vertical: 5'6"

Favorite Thing about DDNS
"By far it's one big family and the help
you get from everyone"

Special Accomplishments
In just one event to now be doing iron

Personal Best
Coming Soon!

Favorite Thing about DDNS
"Their attitude - everyone is so kind and helpful"

Special Accomplishments
Goal - Make it to worlds this year!

Personal Best
3 & aa half feet or so!

Favorite Thing about DDNS
"Fun and nice people!"


Team Polar
Adventure Acres
Christina R. I. Hausia-Kurpierz &
Joseph J. Kurpierz
Starring Polar
Michelle Kuemper & Tovey
Joe Munson & Wally

Personal Best
Big Air: 12' 3"

Favorite Thing about DDNS
The fun we get to have with Thorsky Poe
(he loves it and so do we) and the overall
pet loving community. At our first event
the DDNS were so welcoming and helpful.
We became addicted from the first
practice jump.


Personal Best
First every time will be our personal best :)

Special Accomplishment
Just getting us signed up and looking forward
to our first events

Personal Best
Big Air: 28'

Favorite Thing about DDNS
Fun sport & great people!

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