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Let’s Try DockDogs = Instructional Class on the Sport of Dock Jumping

Let’s try DockDogs is an instructional class available for anyone interested in learning more about the
sport, as well as providing an opportunity to experience a jump before entering the competition. We
will briefly explain the different divisions of the sport, how each one works, and provide an overview of
the rules and regulations. After the class, and with the help of a DDNS instructor, participants will get
a chance to try it out.

Additional DDNS members will be available to give pointers/suggestions, answer any questions, and to
help encourage your dog to jump. Our goal is to get your dog interested by providing a positive, fun, and
rewarding experience! Having experienced firsthand the thrill of the sport, most participants go on to register
for a Big Air Wave Competition immediately following the class. Participants will pay $10 per dog for the class,
receive an instructional packet, a Certificate of Completion, and a $5 DDNS voucher (which can be used either
towards the purchase of a wave or items at our merchandise tent).

This class runs approximately one hour. Please arrive at least 30 minutes early to allow time for registration.
Class size is limited to 10 dogs

Get ready to Party Like a Dock Star!

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