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About Us

Thank You for your interest in the DockDogs Northern Stars!

We are the Minnesota Affiliate Club of Worldwide DockDogs® Inc.

You are reading this because you have probably seen this sport on ESPN, the Outdoor Channel,
or been to one of our events and thought, “I would like to get involved,” - but how?!

Congratulations! We welcome you to this fun sport that we all enjoy and love so much!

People “get involved” in dock jumping for many reasons, first and foremost as a way to have fun
with their best friend. Others like the competitiveness of the sport, while others are enjoying the
friends they are making across the country as they travel.

National Events and Club Affiliate Events

DockDogs® offers two types of events. Our National Organization hosts events across the country
in what we call “National Events.” The ranking and titles are earned for your dog if you compete in
any of the three disciplines described below. Here in Minnesota, like other Affiliate Clubs across the
country, we host events referred to as “Regional Events.” Separate rankings and titles are offered
to dogs that compete in these types of events. Our club Big Air & Speed Retrieve are manually judged
by certified DockDogs judges. For a complete detailed explanation of all the rules and policies, visit
Rules & Policies on the DockDogs® website.

The DockDog team consists of one handler and their dog. Handlers need to be at least seven years old.
Any dog, of any breed over 6 months old can try their "paw" at this sport.

DockDogs has three exciting disciplines:

Big Air

Each Dog/Handler Team is measured for distance
by 2 DockDogs® Certified Judges (Regional/Club events)
who “eye-ball” where the dog’s hind quarter breaks
the water’s surface.

1’ – 9’11” Novice Division
10’ – 14’11” Junior Division
15’ – 19”11” Senior Division
20’ – 22”11” Master Division
23’ – 24’11” Elite Division
25’ and up Super Elite Division

photo dockdogs northern stars

Extreme Vertical

Dogs jump and grab for an extended bumper hanging
8ft out over the water starting at 4’6” high.
The bumper continues to rise 2 inches until there
is one clear winner.

Division Jump Height
Cadet Up to 5'11"
Top Gun 6'0" to 6'11"
High Flyer 7'0" and above

Speed Retrieve

A fast paced timed racing game. Dogs run, jump and
swim to retrieve a bumper at the end of the pool.

Sonic: 0 - 5.999
Nitro: 6 - 6.999

Turbo: 7.0 - 7.999
Express: > 8.000

Finals for Big Air and Speed Retrieve are held on the last day of the event for each division with
Ribbons and prizes. The finals for Extreme Vertical are determined during the EV event.

Earning Titles and Divisional Finals Format (more info)

The DockDogs Northern Stars offer many events throughout the year and some will offer a “Fun Jump”
(more info) and/or our training seminar “Let’s Try DockDogs” (more info) during the weekend event
schedule. Coming to one or many of our events is certainly the best way to “jump” right in.

With the many lakes and docks around Minnesota there is always a place to train. We encourage you to
read the “Training Tips” offered by the folks at SportMutt (more info). There are both dry land and dock
jumping tips you can begin with prior to entering a competition.

We invite you to go to, our National Website. There is vast amount of information
about how to get started.

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